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Your Support Network

Your Support Network

We have built up a wealth of experience, methodology and contacts which we share with our franchisees to ensure the success of each Muffin Break store. All of our franchisees have seen the benefit of our property contacts, rigorous marketing and design and build experience. Many franchisees have not one but two stores, their success speaks for itself...


Muffin Break has strong relationships with retail landlords and surveyors and is able to negotiate prime retail sites.

Muffin Break will...

  • Design each store
  • Manage the construction program
  • Supervise the fitout of your store
  • Equip your store to the highest standard

Constant contact...

Muffin Break consultants provide franchisees with advice on:

  • Business planning
  • Training
  • Baking
  • Staffing
  • Product presentation
  • Marketing

Initial and ongoing training and business advice...

On-site training is conducted prior to store opening and for an initial opening period. On-going training and advice is provided to franchisees through regular visitations by highly trained Muffin Break consultants appointed to assist each cafe.

Strong brand marketing and group advertising...

Muffin Break’s marketing department develops and implements marketing and advertising strategies. Stores are also provided with assistance and support in local store marketing programs, which aim to target and capitalise on regional opportunities.

Top quality product...

Muffin Break has developed numerous product recipes and are constantly developing new products. Our exclusive espresso coffee... Muffin Break’s coffee beans are sourced from five of the world’s best coffee growing regions and roasted to perfection at our specalised roasting facility.