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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know more about how we ethically source our coffee? Have you ever wondered how long it takes our chefs to create the perfect muffin from fresh ingredients through to the first mouth watering munch? We've pulled together a list of questions we are often asked to save you the bother of asking!

If there is anything which you would like to ask which isn’t on this list use the contact us form. Our chefs and Baristas love the opportunity to show off their knowledge.

Q: Can you warm up baby food and bottles?

Yes, our staff can give you some warm water to heat your child's food and drink.

Q: Do you sell your coffee beans?

Our premium coffee beans are not yet available to buy over the counter but will be coming soon!

Q: Do you have Soya Milk available?

Yes, all of our stores take delivery of fresh Soya milk daily. Just ask your barista if you would like the soya option.

Q: Do your muffins and cakes contain nuts?

We label every product individually, if nuts are used in the recipe then we list this. However, we cannot guarantee that any product is without traces of nuts as all of our muffins, including those made with nuts, are baked in our kitchens.

Q: Are you able to provide catering for events?

This is arranged on a store-by-store basis, please contact your local store for more details.