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Our Coffee

Muffin Break brings you gourmet espresso coffee without the hype and nonsense other coffee chains bamboozle you with. Because of the high quality of our espresso coffee we don't need to flavour it.

Experienced bean selection.

Our master roaster chooses the highest quality Arabica beans. We source these beans from; Ethiopia, India, Brazil, East Timor, Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico. Our robust selection process ensures that our coffee has body, aroma and a superb crema for fine blending and a balance on your palette.

Our coffee beans are blended for optimal consistency, flavour and colour. They are then roasted to perfection in Muffin Break's specialised roasting facility. Each Muffin Break Barista is trained to extract a perfect dark liquid topped with a golden crema every time. Their milk texturing skills ensure your cappuccino or latte has a velvety smooth taste at a perfect temperature.

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