Muffin Break roll out Red Velvet carpet for launch of new Curious Creations range

Muffin Break is rolling out the Red Velvet carpet this month as it launches the first muffin in its new Curious Creations range.

With the Oscars ceremony just weeks away, Muffin Break is welcoming its own Premiere arrival as the new Black Forest Red Velvet Muffin is rolled out across Muffin Break’s UK stores.

The new all-star Black Forest Red Velvet Muffin is an adventurous take on the traditional Black Forest Gateau, with a sumptuous red velvet coloured muffin infused with choc chips and cherries, garnished with drizzled chocolate, a swirl of cream cheese and topped with a single cherry as its crowning glory.

It’s the first muffin from the new Curious Creations range, a freshly launched concept that will see a new innovative and creative muffin flavour produced each month to be made available for sale in Muffin Break’s UK stores.

Visitors to national high street café chain Muffin Break’s UK stores can look forward to an array of unusual and unexpected flavours, throughout 2017, as new Curious Creations becomeavailable on the counters month by month.

The new Black Forest Red Velvet Muffin is on offer from February through to March 20, after which the next Curious Creation will become available.


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Gemma Sandells, Muffin Break Marketing Manager, said: “The new Curious Creations range delivers on our promise to ‘expect the unexpected’ and we hope they take star billing with customers over the upcoming months.  

“We hope the new flavour offerings will keep adding variety and excitement for our customers, who we know are always looking for new taste experiences and sensations.  

“We look forward to the Curious Creations proving best of category with our customers as they provide another showstopping Muffin Break eating experience.”

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