By using only the best quality ingredients alongside oodles of passion, we are able to deliver the delicious coffee and freshly baked goods we pride ourselves on.


Our stores and menu are designed around providing our customers with what they want. Utilising seasonal produce, we use our onsite kitchens to provide freshly baked goods daily whilst catering to a range of dietary needs including gluten-free, dairy-free and light options.

Muffin Break originated in Canada in the 1970s and was procured by the Foodco Group in Australia a decade later, where Muffin Break became the brand we love today. The first Muffin Break bakery cafe in the UK opened its doors in 2001 and has now proudly acquired 60 locally owned cafes nationwide.


Good Food

We take our mission for providing good food seriously. That’s why each and every item on our menu is handmade. Our expert bakers start everyday bright and early, by freshly baking our selection of sweet and savoury items in our onsite kitchens.

But our passion goes beyond that. To produce delicious food the best quality ingredients are required, sourced locally where possible and inspired by the seasons. Our menu is designed to cater to a range of tastes, appetites and dietary requirements including gourmet pies, quiches, wraps, cakes, scones and cookies as well as our famous muffins.


Good Coffee

By using expertly roasted Arabica beans sourced by our master roaster from Ethiopia, India, Brazil, East Timor, Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico, we have created our award-winning signature blend coffee – perfect for espresso connoisseurs and latte lovers alike.

Our coffee beans are roasted in a specialised roasting facility where the unique flavour, body and aroma of the coffee is established providing our customers with a smooth and wholesome taste that leaves the palette satisfied.

To further enhance our signature blend coffee, each of our baristas are expertly trained to serve an exquisite cup of coffee every time. Using freshly ground beans they extract the perfect espresso topped with a golden crema and expertly texture milk to the perfect temperature, providing you with a coffee exactly the way you like it!


Good Times

Whether you’re popping in for a takeaway coffee or refueling after a busy day shopping, we want your experience at Muffin Break to be one you enjoy. Our cafes are locally owned by our franchisees meaning you get the friendly, community experience whilst benefiting from the quality products and promotions from an established brand.