Become your own boss, today.

By joining the Muffin Break franchise family you can benefit from being your own boss, alongside the expertise and reputation of an established bakery cafe business.

As a valued brand we have developed strong relationships with major retail landlords. Allowing us to provide our franchisees with highly desirable retail locations, as well as ongoing support in everything from marketing to operations.

Owning a Muffin Break bakery cafe business allows you to experience the freedom of running your own business, whilst taking advantage of a valued brand name. Training and marketing resources, allow you to focus on providing the best experience for your customers.

    Are you in a position to raise sufficient funds to acquire a Muffin Break franchise?

    Sorry, you do not qualify to become a franchisee. Please refer to the Facts & Figures section on the website for further information on the minimum capital investment required to qualify. If your circumstances change, please don’t hesitate to contact us in future.

    How do you intend to fund the remaining investment required?

    What would your involvement in the business be?

    Will the business be established as:

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