Facts & Figures

What you need to get started.


Development costs…

The following table outlines the typical development costs for a Muffin Break franchise. Cost will vary according to location. Muffin Break prepares detailed cost budgets for each specific location. The costs are exclusive of VAT

Typical Budgeted Costs Sit In Café

Shop Fit Out £230,000
Equipment £40,000
Initial Franchise Fee £20,000
Legal Fees and Stamp Duty (est.) £20,000
Miscellaneous £10,000
Total £320,000


Ongoing costs…

Muffin Break franchisees are responsible for all store-related expenses. Additionally, franchisees are required to pay the following monthly fees:

  • A franchise fee of 6% of net sales
  • An advertising fee of 2.5% of net sales
  • A management fee of £800p.a. is payable after the first year of operation
  • Muffin Break franchisees are required to enter into the following documents;
  • A franchise agreement dealing with the franchise relationship
  • A licence agreement dealing with the occupancy of the premises

The franchise documentation clearly sets out the obligations of the parties and is necessary to protect the integrity of the Muffin Break concept for the mutual benefit of Muffin Break and Muffin Break franchisees.